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"My experience of receiving coaching support from Erika was everything I was hoping for and more. It came in a time of great upheaval during the Covid19 lockdown. I had planned to launch my own business a month before and immediately this became unviable. 


I was struck with depression and anxiety and received much needed support at the right time from Erika. She helped me to evaluate how I could adapt to the new circumstances and bring new possibilities into vision. 


We talked about changing direction and she encouraged me to pursue a new song writing opportunity that came up. As a result of her mirroring back to me, and well placed questions and insights, I pursued this option and have now co-written 7 songs in the studio. 


Personally I feel as if I have regained my self-confidence and am back on track with what I am most passionate about, music. Erika is very intuitive and helped me immensely to raise my energy and pursue my dreams again."


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