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What is it about:

The essence of this work is Presence. Here, I support you to open up to all aspects of yourself on a deep level, surface with compassion what is in the way, and hold space for profound healing by gently exploring and unlocking the parts that are stuck in old conditioned patterns and stories. Our holistic coaching sessions are a space to embody your natural true state in deep presence and awareness, to release the limiting beliefs that keep you from living your fullest life.

The process:

In our sessions, you will gently be guided to experience awareness of the body and its energies and through present moment exploration we open up to the deep wisdom of your true higher self. As you start to open up to your true power, life reflects back to you your true beauty, value and the love you desire. This will naturally bring forth a more balanced, authentic, and joyful life for you whether it’s in your work, in your relationship with food, personal relationships, or in your spiritual practice. You will ultimately leave the session with tools to help you function at your Highest Self in your daily life.

I am committed to help you empower yourself and to uncover the unconditional love you are seeking which is already within you. I will support you to:

  • Open up to the wisdom of your body and the energies that are the guiding you towards freedom and awakening

  • Have more clarity and a sense of balance in your life

  • Reconnect with what brings you truly alive

I am so passionate about this work as I have witnessed such powerful inner shifts and have seen lives transformed for the better. When we live in presence, open up to allow all the parts of ourselves to be compassionately heard, and disengage from the games of the mind we open up to our true freedom.


Coaching for Transformation

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Live your life

with joy, inner peace                     

and self-love



Erika Zappia was born in Rome, Italy where she spent her childhood and teenage years before moving to the US. Even in her early life she always felt that there was more to life than what appeared on the surface and became an avid and passionate seeker of deeper truths. In her early twenties, she embarked on a self-discovery spiritual journey where over the next two decades was blessed to train and learn from spiritual teachers and masters who embodied and radiated such wisdom and loving kindness and who ultimately guided her to discover that the answers and love we are craving are not outside of ourselves but rather within us. Since realizing this, she has served others in support of their own paths to reaching a state of inner peace and balance, and helping them awaken to their own true happiness.


Erika’s 15- year commitment to yoga has taught her the importance of higher guidance, surrender and service. She uses her learnings to guide clients to awakened alignment and healing presence. She is a Certified Professional Transformational Life Coach, WISDOM CoachⓇ, Intuitive Eating Counselor, is certified in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, and is a RYT Yoga Teacher. Her practice is founded in heart connection and self-discovery, where she co-creates space for those seeking deep healing and integration of unprocessed emotions and energies that allows for the opening to higher consciousness. Erika offers clients the gift of empowered transformation by way of the space she holds through her holistic practice grounded in love.

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